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>> Winemaker: Ignacio Blancas

20 Harvests and A Reputation for Crafting Notable Estate Grown Cabernet Sauvignon

With 20 harvests under his belt, Ignacio Blancas has established a reputation for crafting notable high-quality wines of different varietals and from a variety of vineyard sources. All of the wines he crafts not only show off his skills but also his philosophy for winemaking. Ignacio is a farmer first and firmly believes that the best wines are always made in the vineyard, not the cellar and what’s more, a great vineyard is where a great wine must start. Not surprising then, he places the vineyard at the heart of winemaking. That means knowing every inch of the vineyard and crafting wine with minimal intervention to allow the qualities of the fruit and the characteristics of the vineyard to shine through the wine. Many of Ignacio’s wines consistently rank among the most notable wines produced in Napa Valley.

More Than A Consultant Winemaker… a driving force behind Poggi Wines

In 2009 Ignacio joined us in our hobby as Consultant Winemaker. Over the last 6 harvests, under Ignacio’s unwavering focus and dedication, we have taken our wines to a new level. In the process “hobby” fell out of our vocabulary as we realized we were developing an exceptional wine that was ready for the ‘world stage’. While superior quality cabernet grapes grew in abundance in the neighboring Calistoga vineyards, it took Ignacio to tap the potential of our Twin Palms Vineyard for cultivating cabernet grapes. And, while we were proud of the wines we were crafting it was Ignacio’s talent and genuine enthusiasm for the final product that was the true motivation to launch Poggi Wines.