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The Vineyards
Winemaker: Ignacio Blancas

The finest fruit–
Small lot production–
Minimal manipulation from harvest to bottling

We share a vision of hand-crafting distinctive Napa Valley cabernet sauvignon wine from the highest quality fruit with a focus on vineyard-site expression and small lot production. We approach grape growing and winemaking with laser focus and effort to transform the highest quality grapes into fine wines that are immediately inviting but also have a great potential for aging. We strive for purity of fruit, balance and complexity with minimal intervention throughout the entire process to preserve the character of the fruit. Ours is a vision that places terroir over technology and grape quality over quantity.

Every vineyard has a unique personality influenced by many factors - soil composition, climate and weather patterns are just a few of the drivers of vineyard expression and wine quality. The management and farming of a vineyard further influences a wine. Through our attention to detail in the vineyard, we are able to preserve the unique and diverse character of the soil and climate in our fruit and ensure we craft the highest quality of wine.

Under the meticulous eye of Ignacio Blancas, our Consultant Winemaker, the Twin Palms vineyard is farmed by hand in a low-impact manner to allow the vineyard to express itself as strongly and honestly as possible.

We harvest very early in the morning when the temperatures are cool. A combination of machine and hand sorting helps ensure only the best fruit goes on for processing. We gently crush the fruit to minimize the bitter impact that comes from the stems, seeds, and skins which in turn optimizes the quality of the fruit going into the tank. During fermentation, we have numerous punch-downs a day to further enhance color and soften tannins. We age our wines in 50% new French Oak barrels and stay in the barrel for approximately 22 - 23 months.

Sourcing of Fruit
Since the quantity we produce from our Twin Palms Vineyard is small, it was important we find another single vineyard source that produces equally ultra-premium fruit so that we have enough production to be viable at our custom crush facility. We are extremely fortunate to have found a Diamond Mountain vineyard that has a reputation for consistently producing fruit of ultra-premium quality and a grower who subscribes to the value of partnership and shares our vineyard philosophy. Our Diamond Mountain label is the perfect partner selection to our Twin Palms Cabernet Sauvignon.