Happiness is spending time with the people you love and creating special moments that make lasting memories punctuated by a great Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon

You probably recognize it — the transformation from a “mere” bottle of wine to something really special. It’s a bright moment illuminated by that special bottle of wine…the atmosphere, the pleasure, the people around you. It isn’t just the alcohol but rather that extra something in a really good bottle of wine that elevates a wine beyond the “mere” – and, elevates your experience along with it. A moment to be cherished. That’s the feeling you were looking to capture. Poggi Wines makes that feeling an any day reality with two Cabernet Sauvignon wines hand-crafted from the finest Napa Valley fruit from that will inspire your next special moment.

Cultivated by a curious nature. Driven by a passion for Napa Valley and the true enjoyment that comes from time spent with friends and family.

We didn’t grow up hanging out in a winery converted from an old barn, or walking vineyards that were previously walnut groves, or tasting blends with our grandparents. We didn’t grow up in Napa Valley. We didn’t even grow up in California. And, neither of us had visions of working in the wine business.

So it’s fair to say that Poggi Wines is not the result of legacy planning or even thoughtful planning. It really began, as we believe all good wines begin, in the vineyard. We were hobbyists first. With curious spirits and can do attitudes we listened and watched as Placido Garcia managed our small vineyard. Recognizing our drive and steadfast determination to make a great wine Placido introduced us to the idea of a consultant winemaker and ultimately to Ignacio Blancas.

Having Ignacio on board with his “hands-on” approach, involved in every aspect–in the vineyard to every little step in the winemaking process – afforded us the opportunity to realize the potential of our amazing little vineyard and take our wines to a whole new level. With that, we launched Poggi Wines.

To us it really is as Laurie’s Dad always said, “Welcome opportunity. With the right tools, hard work and the right attitude you can do just about anything.”

With the right tools – a consultant winemaker who is as involved in the vineyard as in the cellar and the two of us – what we lack in experience we more than make up for in drive and determination, we are seizing the opportunity that is the Twin Palms vineyard – a tiny plot of exceptional land in the perfect place to grow grapes.

At our core we are a couple who love life. A beautiful wine, especially a great Cabernet Sauvignon, is often present at those perfect moments of our life. But it does not end with us. At Poggi Wines we hope your enjoyment at each sip will add another layer of richness to your life, becoming part of the fabric of your experience.

To your next perfect moment! – Tom & Laurie