Poggi Wines

Unapologetically Small
Producing two wines, with annual production of 50 to 100 cases each, we just may be the smallest winery in Napa Valley producing Estate Grown Cabernet Sauvignon. We launched Poggi Wines in 2014 with the idea of offering a Napa Valley Cab that showcases our special vineyard at Rosedale/Pickett in Calistoga, celebrates the talents of our “under-the-radar” winemaker and challenges the notion that a high-quality Napa Valley Cabernet has to carry a hefty price tag.
Hand-crafted and barrel aged under the same protocol our two wines are distinct expressions of Cabernet Sauvignon and their two distinct vineyards.

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Our Craft

Our Wines Start in The Vineyard
We grow the highest quality fruit, and this only comes from diligent farming and a commitment to quality over quantity. Our vineyard is sustainably farmed, meticulously hand-nurtured, intuitively managed and night harvested. We invest in the highest quality barrels, use the finest premium bottles and corks and we don’t rush to release our wines. Our purpose is to make wines that are delicious, interesting and memorable, drink them upon release or cellar them.

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High Quality, High Value
Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon that doesn’t need to be stashed away for a special occasion. Our wines aren’t inexpensive, but they’re a great value. Crafted for wine lovers who want to drink a special bottle of wine any day of the week.

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We love the hospitality around wine.
It’s so satisfying to share what you do, and something you have made, with other people and have them enjoy it. It’s a special feeling. Subscribe to our mailing list today to receive the latest in news and events from us.

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